About us


ShiloRune is a creative digital agency from Southeast Portland. Together ShiloRune is a team of designers, developers, and strategists. Founded in 2012, ShiloRune initially remained a one-man shop by Joseph Krahn until late 2016. Today, ShiloRune is three partners strong consisting of Joseph, Patrick, and James. Together we’re able to collaborate as digital technologists.


Our company mission is to create a healthy work environment for us, our employees, and the community we live and work in. We believe your success is our success. We know from experience successful entrepreneurship requires the ability to accept failure, and to be constantly learning. With that in mind, ShiloRune’s strives to educate and learn from those of us around us. Ewing Kauffman lived a business philosophy that we try our best to fulfill, “treat others as you want to be treated.”

Who We Are

In our spare time, most us enjoy hiking throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and traveling to new places around the globe. We’re passionate about our families, and doing healthy things that make us happy. We express design and technology in our daily lives as nerds :). Some of us volunteer for 1 Million Cups – a community meetup for startups to present their business – to help entrepreneurs learn, and teach others. We get down in some gaming from time to time (Starcraft II, anyone?). And we really like to eat Lebanese food.