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Guide to the Pearl District

Portland's Pearl District needed a community website for local business listings to help visitors and residents find places.


PearlHelp is one of ShiloRune’s first projects. PearlHelp is not an outside client, but rather the intellectual property of ShiloRune’s founder, Joseph Krahn. PearlHelp is a hyperlocal Portland neighborhood guide to restaurants, retail, parks, and other attractions unique to the area. PearlHelp’s map is updated with a mix of user feedback, paid listings from neighborhood businesses, and our staff’s research.

PearlHelp succeeds based on its SEO strategy: with minimal effort, the site has attracted thousands of visitors every year. ShiloRune designed PearlHelp to run on WordPress, and developed widgets with strong ability for interaction between an average user and a business wanting to access how they are represented.  PearlHelp’s map has numerous filters, allowing users to easily find exactly what they’re searching for unique to the neighborhood. Finally, ShiloRune’s content writers research the neighborhood, removing and editing outdated listings and adding new ones, among their numerous roles.

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July 2017


This project is owned and maintained by ShiloRune

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Guide to the Pearl District