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Sean & Scott are podcasters fighting to recreate how civilization works. The team publishes regular political podcasts to disrupt the status quo.

Upside Downtrodden is an entrepreneurs’ podcast founded by Scott Mullin and Sean Namanny that inspires critical thinking and empowers its audience to ask important questions while building an online community. Upside Downtrodden are also working on a documentary on civilization from a wide range of intellectual sources, including Mynga Futrell, Imam Mohamed Abdul-Azeez, Noam Chomsky, Richard Dawkins, Julia Sweeney and Derrick Jensen.

Upside Downtrodden wanted to publish podcasts and branded content on their own site with easy accessibility, develop an e-commerce function for selling branded merchandise, and write an SEO strategy. ShiloRune used WordPress to meet Upside Downtrodden’s needs, which has seen Scott and Sean’s podcast audience grow.

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September 2016


Sean Nammany & Scott Mullin

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Podcast Web Designing