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Balloon Twisting Lead Website

Tuxedo Jimmy's balloon twisting business needed a way to show off his creative and funny balloon designs.

Balloon twisting takes parties and events to a whole new level, but how do you find one? Tuxedo Jimmy is an individual balloon twister available for hire, who twists balloons as simple as a classic dog, or sculptures as complex and detailed as your imagination. Jimmy approached ShiloRune with a challenge to get more online leads. We accepted the challenge to redesign his website, and develop an SEO strategy.

The outcome was outstanding. The website design accelerated his branding, and attracted new leads to earn more business. For this project, ShiloRune used WordPress to manage content, and designed layouts with conversions and leads as a top priority. The SEO focus was local to the Portland metropolitan area. Jimmy’s organic search growth has been very successful for terms such as “balloon twister.”

Project Details


January 2015


Tuxedo Jimmy

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Balloon Twisting Lead Website