NW Surface Cleaner

Strategy, customer journey, and web design.

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Brand strategy and website redesign

NW Surface exists with a remarkable generational story, including trades work passed down from father to son. Today the business is run by the founder's son, Kevin. I worked with the company back in 2013 on a website redesign that tripled sales. This year we knew we needed the same results but with great design and experience.

The ideas I came up with included simplistic, elegant, and modern design styles. In the end, we blended two concepts to create the design you see above. Each page has a strong conversion strategy to increase web leads, thoughtfully composed creative content, and beautiful colors and photography to anchor elements.

Displaying services effectively and uniquely is challenging because service businesses share the same business model. We landed on using tabbed content for each sub-service so the user can see everything in one view without scrolling. Next, I designed testimonials and FAQs as a trust signal to increase conversions. Lastly, the user is prompted with a call to action to begin a quote.

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