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Buy & Sell Precious Metals

Encore Gold approached ShiloRune with a problem to unify their website. The company previously operated a self-made website, and needed help creating a clear and concise experience for users.  

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Local Solar Marketplace

Renew Market is a startup helping homeowners and businesses buy and install solar to improve their environmental impact.  

Veteran Job Portal

Military Job Networks is a Washington, D.C. and Maryland-based startup devoted to connecting veterans with employers and their job openings. Military Job Networks has flourished since starting as one of 25 startups in an incubator program four years ago –but they outgrew their original branding and website. ShiloRune and Military Job Networks decided a total design overhaul was needed. ShiloRune updated the website’s design, wrote a new SEO strategy and content, established a new color palette and updated…

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Sustainable Gardens Website

ShiloRune was referred to this client from a relationship with branding expert Janet Hager. We collaborated on creating a website that encompassed the sustainable organic brand they were developing. Independence Gardens isn’t a traditional landscaping company: their mission is to consult customers for food growing landscapes, and landscapes that reflect the individual personality of each customer. For this project, ShiloRune utilized WordPress and its vast amount of readily available resources. The color palette was a collaborative…

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Entrepreneur’s Hair Washing Product

We met with James, an entrepreneur who developed an organic shampoo and haircare line with an edgy marketing campaign. The client sought to diversify their product line, and a long term brand strategy. The project was to develop a distinctive website for advertising products to wholesale buyers. Because both nope’s product and brand are so unique, the client sought a distinctive web design style. We worked closely to revise the design until the client was satisfied. The…

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Pearl District Neighborhood Association

The Pearl District Neighborhood Association’s website was a pro bono donation from ShiloRune to give the neighborhood association means to achieve outsider transparency. In addition to hosting the neighborhood association’s meeting minutes, the website hosts a popular neighborhood blog for community news. ShiloRune coordinated with a third party graphic designer for PDNA’s color palette, made the website mobile friendly, created the blog and minutes hosting interactions, refined existing content, and made dedicated pages for specific neighborhood…

Cast Stone Builder’s Portfolio

Dana Weener is an artistic stone builder for custom fireplaces, accent columns, stair banisters, and building facades. ShiloRune and Dana worked to develop his first website for showcasing his professional portfolio, and advertising services to new customers. Because this was Dana’s first website, it was designed to match the existing branding material. Technology for this project was pretty straightforward: because one of the focuses was lead generation, we used the WordPress Formcraft plugin to manage…

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Guide to the Pearl District

  PearlHelp is one of ShiloRune’s first projects. PearlHelp is not an outside client, but rather the intellectual property of ShiloRune’s founder, Joseph Krahn. PearlHelp is a hyperlocal Portland neighborhood guide to restaurants, retail, parks, and other attractions unique to the area. PearlHelp’s map is updated with a mix of user feedback, paid listings from neighborhood businesses, and our staff’s research. PearlHelp succeeds based on its SEO strategy: with minimal effort, the site has attracted…

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Podcast Web Designing

Upside Downtrodden is an entrepreneurs’ podcast founded by Scott Mullin and Sean Namanny that inspires critical thinking and empowers its audience to ask important questions while building an online community. Upside Downtrodden are also working on a documentary on civilization from a wide range of intellectual sources, including Mynga Futrell, Imam Mohamed Abdul-Azeez, Noam Chomsky, Richard Dawkins, Julia Sweeney and Derrick Jensen. Upside Downtrodden wanted to publish podcasts and branded content on their own site with easy…

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Travel the World and Blog

Dianna Jackson is a Morro Bay, CA retiree and travel blogger who loves to document her vacations with her husband, “the Rayman.” Dianna and ShiloRune agreed that in order to reach a wider audience, the existing blog needed a design overhaul to keep with contemporary web design. Dianna also prioritized accessibility for regular content additions and updates. During the transfer of Dianna’s old site to the current WordPress site, a large amount of data was…

Business Association Website

The South Portland Business Association is a neighborhood business association whose members include retailers and organizations near the South Waterfront neighborhood. SPBA’s original site was funded from a grant which was coming to an end. SPBA is most famous for their neighborhood map, tipping locals off to the best deals, businesses and events happening just off their doorstep. ShiloRune built SPBA’s website and content vision from scratch, developing a comprehensive SEO strategy to cover the…

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Balloon Twisting Lead Website

Balloon twisting takes parties and events to a whole new level, but how do you find one? Tuxedo Jimmy is an individual balloon twister available for hire, who twists balloons as simple as a classic dog, or sculptures as complex and detailed as your imagination. Jimmy approached ShiloRune with a challenge to get more online leads. We accepted the challenge to redesign his website, and develop an SEO strategy. The outcome was outstanding. The website design…

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