Remembering Patrick Moore

July 15, 2017
Remembering Patrick Moore

We Miss You Patrick ❤️

I’m writing this with unfortunate news, our operations manager and my dear friend Patrick Moore, has passed away. He was tragically stricken by a vehicle on Thursday night in SE Portland.

Patrick was a man of good words. He was a man whom had sincere respect for the people around him. Although I only had the privilege of knowing him over the last year, I feel honored to have spent time with such a strong willed person, and cherish that experience. His devotion to family was remarkable. Recently, Patrick was able to get away to the Redwoods, and spend time with his son Jackson.

Patrick would stay up all night on behalf of ShiloRune clients. He would grind through those last minute projects to make our clients happy. He was a software systems architecture nerd, and he loved it.

Patrick proofed the proposals written on behalf of ShiloRune. He was our veteran keeping us in line, and I will miss him from the bottom of my heart. Both James and I learned so much from him.

Without Patrick, I know ShiloRune wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. He was essential to our team. Earlier in the day on Thursday, we just got word from a remarkable prospective client they accepted our proposal. Patrick was so proud of all of us for this accomplishment.

Good bye Patrick, we love you.

– Joseph & James


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