SEO Tip: Areas we Serve

January 31, 2015
SEO Tip: Areas we Serve

Are you struggling with local search engine optimization (SEO)? I recently completed a project focused around local SEO efforts. My client provides entertainment service around the Portland metro area, so it was important to attract visitors from all the surrounding cities.

I started by researching how Google Places works when business don’t have a physical addresses. I found this actually isn’t that bad, because Google recognizes this in the signup process and asks a few questions to fill in the gaps.

My next task – how to target folks organically searching in each city? I asked the client to pick his top six cities. We broke these down into individual pages, titled as, “Areas we Serve.” Not only is this content useful to the site visitor, but also to search engines.

Each “Area we Serve” page has targeted content for that particular city. For example, one page was, “Beaverton KEYWORD Service.” The page included some text content, photo, map, and contact info. Not only was the content written for both SEO and users, it also contained real past customers written within the text for Beaverton. Ultimately the value in the content overruled us writing for SEO purposes only. Which is exactly what we need to be successful.

It was a successful experiment.

Try it out, create a few pages and you’ll attract a few more local customers.

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