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Web Hosting Performance Check

February 16, 2015
Web Hosting Performance Check

Looking for your website’s host can be a stressful & daunting task. With so many hosts on the market today, what are the benefits of going with a small web hosting company, versus, say, a giant hosting conglomerate?

Liquid Web & Digital Ocean

For example: Liquid Web is an established hosting company, powering approximately 30,000 customer websites, with data centers all around the United States. An even larger company, Digital Ocean, has globally located data centers, with an estimated 850% annual growth rate.

Both are respected companies; but believe it or not, both are slower and more expensive than ShiloRune’s comparable services.

What determines quality web hosting performance? The biggest factors are download speed, upload speed, and “pings;” that is, the route necessary for a data connection, measured in the distance from you and the server. Gamers are the demographic most likely to worry about pings: the further the data must travel, the higher ping rate.

From our independent tests on 1/30/15, here is the data we found (sources below):

Liquid Web – $180 annually*

  • Download: 55 Mb/s
  • Upload: 69 Mb/s
  • Ping: 31 ms
  • Location: Delton, MI

Digital Ocean – $120 annually

  • Download: 90 Mb/s
  • Upload: 27 Mb/s
  • Ping: 81 ms
  • Location: NYC, NY

ShiloRune – $75 annually

  • Download: 795 Mb/s
  • Upload: 262 Mb/s
  • Ping: 2 ms
  • Location: LA, CA

As you can see above, ShiloRune web hosting is at least 700% faster than the competition.

How did we achieve this?

ShiloRune web servers are significantly less populated than our industry peers, thus reducing the amount of downloads and uploads happening at a given time. Web hosting is like freeway traffic: add more cars, and the slower everyone moves. Not only focused on data, ShiloRune takes great care in its hosting software & hardware choices. Just a few things notes & features:

  • Data is handled by SAN for redundancy and performance
  • All storage is solid state drives (SSD)
  • Industry standard cPanel (no heavy custom panels)

While I can’t get into the specifics of our software, I can promise you this: I’m not allowing servers to become clunky & overpopulated.

Speed Test Sources:


Liquid Web does not offer a plan equivalent to ShiloRune, so the annual cost is slightly higher as a result of offering more data storage.

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